The struggle 
 is real... 

 The   struggle   is real... 

Tell the Labor Government, and Albo, that the rising cost of living is hurting hard.
Australians need urgent relief, now!

Send them a message and help call for action.

The big end of town are still not paying their fair share of tax and Labor won't close these loopholes!

Labor has turned their back on workers.

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Homelessness amongst employed people is rising.

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Don’t be fooled by Labor’s Stage 3 tax cuts, taking effect in July 2024. While Albo lies about helping YOU in this cost-of-living crisis, Labor’s bad economic management has seen us burdened with the largest tax hike in the world.

It is now more important than ever to have your say on the impact of the rising cost-of-living. 

Remember, if you have your say with politicians, they won’t feel obliged to act and change things.”

Senator Gerard Rennick

LNP Senator for Queensland

Tell Labor & Albo the struggle is real, now!

Below is an opportunity to sign and submit this letter to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Labor Government, to let him know that Australians are doing it tough and have been patient enough.

Dear Prime Minister Albanese,

I am writing to express my concern about the rising cost of living and its impact on the financial well-being of everyday citizens like me.

Sharp increases in the cost of necessities such as food, housing, insurance and healthcare are making it increasingly difficult for me to make ends meet, and I know this struggle is real for my friends and family too.

Australians entrusted you and Treasurer Jim Chalmers with the responsibility to help alleviate the financial burden on Australians, yet we are now finding out that Australians received the highest income tax hike in the world, despite Labor’s promise of tax cuts.

While I understand there are various contributing factors, your government can lessen the strain by taking measures such as minimising immigration urgently (especially the intake of foreign students), making universities pay tax, stop subsidising renewable companies, let people access their superannuation, pay childcare to parents (not just centres) and cut unnecessary regulations for businesses.

Despite making a lot of promises to help cut the cost-of-living a year ago in your budget, Treasurer Jim Chalmers has not got spending under control. Now we have higher inflation and higher increases to mortgages, rents, fuel and groceries. Australian families are the ones left holding the bag for poor budget management by your government.

While you were partying at Taylor Swift and Katy Perry concerts, many of us were having to make tough decisions about our household budget. You claimed to care and understand at the last Federal election, but do you, really?

We are hurting. If Australia is called the lucky country, we’re not feeling too lucky right now.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name, Suburb, State, Postcode]

Please provide your details to sign & send this letter.

Your email address will not be sent to the PM. A copy of your letter will be sent to Senator Gerard Rennick so that he can help hold the Albanese Labor government to account over the cost-of-living.

Cost of Living Letter - Blame Labor

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